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Chanting (Kirtan) Calendar

Triyoga, North London Every Saturday 6.30pm-7.45pm

Triyoga, Chelsea Every Friday 7.00pm-8.15pm

Enter the Spacious Heart

a one day Chanting + Yoga retreat

13 July 2014

Be Yin

Chanting evening in Chester

22 July 2014

Nikki Slade at the SYC


About Chanting (Kirtan)

Chanting (Kirtan) is a deeply inspiring practice that opens the heart and reveals the experience of our own true nature. It calms the mind and helps us to release unwanted tensions allowing us to experience the freedom within.

We chant in Sanskrit, a language revealed by sages in ancient times as the language of the heart. There is a deep wisdom within the vibration of each chant (Kirtan) and each individual has their own unique experience of grace through the power of chanting.

Chanting (Kirtan) replenishes the soul and unites us with one another and is the perfect way to experience the joy of singing in a group where the focus is on participation rather than performance. Nikki leads these sessions with voice, harmonium and drum. You can join her in singing a range of easy-to-learn devotional and uplifting chants or just bask in the sound of the chants.


Important Note

Nikki's work with sound and resonance can be powerful. Although the effects are often therapeutic and profound, and the space is held and supportive, it is not psychotherapy. Where issues arise, individuals may choose to seek additional support.


Nikki Slade Chanting

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Chanting (Kirtan) Calendar


Primrose Hill

The perfect way to start your Saturday night


Every Saturday (6.30pm - 7.45pm)

Please note that Nikki will be away for the following three weekends.

Saturdays: 7th, 21st June. Gavin Frank will lead the Chants on these dates.

Saturday 14th June: Hari Pyari will lead this Chanting session.

Fees & Booking

Cost £15 (concessions available).

Book through TriYoga (020 7483 3344) in advance or pay on the door.


TriYoga, 6 Erskine Road, London, NW3 3AJ
Tel 020 7483 3344


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Triyoga Chelsea

Nikki Slade is resident Kirtan leader at Triyoga, and has recorded three highly acclaimed CD’s: Nectarine, Monsoon, and Soundscape. Nectarine was highly recommended by world-renowned tabla player Talvin Singh; Monsoon was publicly acknowledged by Dr. John De Martini, and Nikki's sound meditation Soundscape has provided thousands of people with an easier way to quiet their mind and is used by leading yoga studios and motivational groups across the world.

Date: Every Friday

Time: NEW TIME 7:00pm- 8:15pm (Chelsea only)

Please note that Nikki will be away for the following three weekends.

Fridays: 6th, 20th June. Gavin Frank will lead the Chants on these dates..

Friday 13th June: Hari Pyari will lead this Chanting session..


Fees and Booking: £15

Book through Triyoga

Phone: 0207 483 3344

Triyoga Chelsea

372 King’s Road, SW3 5UZ

Triyoga Chelsea is located about thirty yards down the King’s Road from Bluebird Cafe. It has three beautiful, light yoga studios, three treatment rooms, an organic cafe, a juice bar, changing areas and a shop.

Nearest tube stations: Fulham Broadway (19 minutes walk), Gloucester Road (20 minutes walk) + Sloane Square (21 minutes walk)
Nearest overground station: West Brompton train station
Buses: 11, 22, 49, 319, 345, 328, 19, 14, 211, 414
Nearest Barclays cycle hire station: At the junction of King's Road and Flood Street SW3. There are also cycle hire stations at Sloane Square Tube Station (in Sedding Street and Cadogan Square)
Nearest cycle rack: At the junction of King's Road and The Vale


Nikki Slade at the Light Centre

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One-Off Events


Enter the Spacious Heart

A one day Chanting + Yoga retreat with Anna Ashby and Nikki

Sunday 13th July 2014

10:00am - 4:30pm

Triyoga Soho

The spacious heart is the space within where we are completely free and unconstrained from our conditioning and the pressures of daily living.

It isn't a place that we journey to but rather an exquisite realm within us, that is revealed when we do the practices of yoga. We experience this space as an infinite and expanded reality at the level of vibration, where we naturally know that this is who we truly are.

Anna and Nikki come together once again to offer a unique one-day retreat where the practices of hatha yoga and chanting are woven together in such a way that is seamless, inspiring and draws forth the inner space of the heart.

A concentrated environment of clear intention and practice invokes an energy from within that builds over the course of the day; this energy has the power to open any part of the body and being that is blocked, offering an experience of spaciousness which resonates with joyful contentment. By focusing on the quality and sensation of space itself, and chanting mantras that resonate with the energy of spaciousness, this summertime retreat offers a means to powerfully shift the way we perceive and experience reality, as well as let go of that which blocks the inner experience of the heart.

The morning session includes a variety of active yoga postures designed to create space in the body and mind, while the afternoon session utilises restorative asana. Both sessions weave in chanting drawing upon different mantras, as well as traditional kirtan to 'enter the spacious Heart'.

All levels are welcome.


10:00am - 12:30pm Welcome, Chant + Active Asana Practise

12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch break

2:00pm - 4:30pm Chant, Restorative Asana + Meditation + Long Savasana

Anna Ashby has been studying and practicing yoga for 24 years and teaching for 15 years. She is one of London's leading yoga teachers and a dedicated Triyoga teacher. She is a founder and senior faculty member of Triyoga's teacher training program and holds the highest level of certification from Yoga Alliance both in the UK and in the US (E-RYT 500/Senior Teacher). Anna's teaching style has evolved from her study of dance, in-depth training with established, classical yoga systems that focus on alignment, and a dedicated meditation practice that developed while she lived for 12 years in a yoga ashram in upstate New York. For more information about Anna's schedule visit her website

Dates and time: Sunday 13th July 2014. 10:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Fees and booking: £75

Book through Triyoga   020 7483 3344 

Venue: Triyoga Soho, London W1B 5PW. 2nd floor, Kingly Court.

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Tuesday 22nd July


10am - 3pm


'Align your vibration to you highest path through chanting'.

In this event Nikki will lead us into connection with our own true nature within through the power of chanting or [ kirtan ]. Chanting is a timeless practice which was first revealed in India centuries ago by sages and saints in deep states of meditation. As a practice It is as relevant  now as it was back then. This is because chanting innately belongs to us all because it is the original or primordial language of the heart. Chanting purifies the blocks to inner freedom; whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Together we will experience the pure bliss of this practice which unlocks a nectarean wellspring of inspiration and joy, that we can then apply to our daily lives and fulfil on what is important to us.

In the second part of the session Nikki will present VIBEFIT leading us into vibrational alignment with our body as an instrument of full self expression which when attuned we discover that we are  much more effective in producing positive results every day.. She will guide us through gentle sounds and movement and playful partner work to build the bridge to more expansive self expression in the world be it in the workplace in meetings, public speaking, relationships with colleagues, bosses or loved ones.


Fees: £25

 For booking and more information click on the link

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Nikki's new Cd launch

Saturday 31st May 204

6.30pm – 8.15pm

Nikki is delighted and happy to announce the launch of her first chanting release since Monsoon in 2007. Epiphany is a beautiful double album with 10 inspirational chants to both uplift and soothe you into meditation. This is the first night that this CD will be made available for sale to the general public.

In honour of the occasion there will be a special Kirtan celebration evening in Nikki’s regular class time at Triyoga Primrose Hill, on Saturday May 31 from 6.30pm - 8.15pm. The chanting will conclude at 7.45pm with a moment to toast together the fruition of the journey to this release, and to purchase your very own copy of Epiphany downstairs afterwards, should you wish.

Proceeds on the night from Kirtan ticket sales will go to The PRASAD Project supporting orphaned children in India.  

The PRASAD Chikitsa project was first founded in 1992 supporting children in their school health care in Maharashtra India. It contributes highly to areas of sustainable community development, HIV, dental care, community health, eye care and disaster relief. PRASAD Chikitsa also has a school health program which develops health related presentations to the children and their teachers. There has a been a marked improvement in the children's health since the program began, when most of the children suffered from scabies, head lice and dental cavities. Today very few children suffer from these afflictions.

Date: Saturday 31st May 2014

Time: 6:30 - 8:15pm

Fees: £15

Venue: Triyoga Primrose Hill

TriYoga, 6 Erskine Road, London, NW3 3AJ

Book through TriYoga (click to open their website) (020 7483 3344) in advance or pay on the door. Website

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Sound Blessing for your Home or business

Nikki will come to right where you are to facilitate a Chanting Blessing.

Chanting has tremendous power to transform the atmosphere and bring good energy to all areas of life.

Chanting from the heart with family and friends.

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Celebrate Diwali

Celebrate your birthday

New Baby

New Home

your choice. ..

Price £199 (London)

For Weddings, and large scale events please apply for a quote.

Includes 45 minute Chanting session with Nikki.

20 miles + outside of London, please enquire for a quote.


grey shell


Sound Blessing for Business

Traditionally in the east, particularly in countries like India, China and Japan, it is commonplace to have ceremonial chanting for your business at the start of each day. In fact, Some businesses like supermarkets have their own very specific chant.

This is the perfect Feng Shui in sound to energize and uplift your working environment to produce the highest results.

Free the limitations in your teams in 2013.

Clean out tensions in the office

Bring energy and flow to your projects

Uplift the spirit of your team

Experience team harmony

Produce more profits

Create great working relationships

Improve the ambience of your work space

Price £399 (London)

Includes 45 minute Chanting session with Nikki.

20 miles + outside of London, please enquire for a quote.

Please reserve consumption of alcohol until after the blessing.

Nikki will leave shortly after the chant to honour the tradition of Ceremony leader who opens sacred space.

Booking: Book through Free the Inner Voice (click link to view booking information).

Any questions please call Hanna: 0044+(0)7932043277.

or e-mail:

Contact us to check availability before paying online.


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Why not introduce your friends and family to the wonderful world of Free the Inner Voice by buying them a voucher to redeem against any work with Nikki that is booked through this website including the Sound Spa Home or Office Blessings. The perfect Christmas present!

Simply fill in the Title of Session Box with "Voucher", leave the date box blank, decide how much you would like to give (min. £10) and proceed to pay through PayPal. We will then email you a unique voucher which you can print or forward to the recipient (it can be personalised and you can let us know if your would like to make it specific to a course). Vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of being issued.



Cancellation policy for all events

Bookings may be cancelled in advance and you may receive a full or partial refund depending on how early the cancellation is received by us :

  • 14 days before an event: refund in full
  • 7 days before an event: refund subject to a 20% cancellation fee
  • 24 hours before an event: refund subject to a 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 24 hours (or if you fail to attend): no refund

For full terms and conditions please see link below.


Booking Information

Title of session Date Payment*
Subtotal: £ 

* Online payments must be paid in full. If you wish to send a deposit please use the downloadable booking form below.

Click here for Terms & Conditions.


Click here to download the booking form (PDF).

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For further information, call Hanna (Nikki's PA) on 07932 043277 or email