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CD Cover: Monsoon

A rich collection of ecstatic chants to bathe in rains of Grace to enter the heart within. Includes the long awaited 'Amazing Grace'. A perfect complement to Nikki's first CD: Nectarine.

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  • Om Namah Shivaya
  • Shri Ram
    Jay Ram
  • Jaya Shiva
  • Kali Durga
  • Amazing Grace
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CD Cover: Nectarine
  • Namah Shivaya
  • Shivoham

By popular demand from my clients and friends I have put together this CD as an offering to all those who love to chant the name of the wisdom voice within. It is offered with a raw innocence that will hopefully inspire confidence in any one who is new to chanting and for those who are already fans please enjoy this gift with love.

Nectarine is highly recommended by the renowned tabla artist, Talvin Singh.

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Chanting is a sublime and mystical practice. The sweet vibrations of the sacred syllables invoke great joy within and have the power to transform all negativity into virtue. When chanting together we experience the supreme oneness of all sentient and insentient beings in this universe. We come to realise that there is only the bliss of consciousness. We chant in Sanskrit (the sacred language of the soul heard by great eastern sages in supreme states of meditation). As we chant together we recognise these vibrations as the truth of our inner most being.

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Soundscape - Special Edition

  • Morning Horizon

This sound meditation piece was inspired directly by beautiful three dimensional imagery of footage from the great Colorado River as it flows towards the Grand Canyon.

It was recorded simultaneously as the film was rolled in the studio. "I was so inspired by the visual imagery of these incredible rock faces and the bluest of waters and unimaginable light that I felt that I was witnessing the universe in all its glory! It was amazing to open my mouth and receive the sound as it arose from within and to feel as if it came from somewhere deep inside."

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Soundscape is an offering designed for the purpose of daily meditation and for using the resonance of each piece to help each individual focus on their intention for the day. Nikki says, "Choose the piece that resonates with you each day and visualize your intention vibrating in the cells of the subtle body. You may like to improvise with your own sound using the drones to support your expression."

This is the Law of Attraction Special Edition with Foreword and Sleeve Notes by Michael James 

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The Alchemy Of Wholeness

CD Cover: The Alchemy of Wholeness
CD Cover: The Alchemy of Wholeness
  • Alchemy of Wholeness
  • Perfect Child

The Alchemy Of Wholeness is a compilation album of Nikki's songs depicting her voice journey starting with her earliest song Foolish Pride [written in 1992] and concluding with Give it Up to God written in 2000.

This album has been described as powerful and uplifting. The lyrics have been described as both thought provoking and uplifting. It is eclectic in style and attracts a broad listening audience ranging from prison inmates in the USA to recovering addicts. It is also a favourite with families.

Highly recommended!

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