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Nikki's work has been covered extensively in the press:

Nikki in London by Samjhana Moon


Inspired Talk with Energy Brown from Radio Verulam 2013

BBC Gloucester Radio - April 2012

BBCRadioGloucestershire- click to listen to this interview about chanting.

BBC News Magazine - Dec 2011

Why are people shy about singing in public?

By Caroline McClatchey & Kathryn Westcott Click here for the full article

Telegraph - Spring 2009 view whole article here

"To test the theory that everyone has a voice, I approached Nikki Slade who believes that we should all be singing or chanting for the good of our health. She predicts singing will become as popular as yoga and – having done a class with her – I think she could be on to something.

Following Slade's strong, melodious voice and the rich hum of her harmonium, I found myself mixing Indian scales and Sanskrit chanting with pure, joyous improvisation. By the end of an hour, during which I laughed and cried, it seemed perfectly natural to be moving to the music without inhibition. I left glowing and feeling energised. It was easier and more fun than yoga and, as a stress-buster, much more effective.

—— The Telegraph, Health, Why Singing Makes you Happy by Serena Allott March 2009

Vogue - December 2008

Nikki's work is recommended in this month's Vogue. You'll find her in the Secret Address Book, an extra magazine described as "an A to Z of all those need-to-know things". This is what it says:

Yogoloji is now offering chanting classes which might just change your life in the space of an hour. Using voice work, movement and a very healing nature, Nikki Slade hits directly at your emotional core as she guides you through the empowering process.

—— Vogue, The Secret Address Book Dec 2008

Daily Mail - Autumn 2008 view whole article here

Beauty Guru roadtests Voicework:

I went for a private one-hour session at London's Yogologi centre. As someone who is almost tone-deaf and lives in mortal fear of public speaking, I was not looking forward to the class. But with her serene demeanour and non-judgmental air, Nikki immediately put me at my ease.

She asked me to close my eyes and think of an 'intention' for my daily life. This could be anything from moving on from past loves to changing jobs or asking for more money. She then encouraged me to chant with her. Her wonderful, strong voice accompanied by the lyrical hum of the harmonium soon had me singing at the top of my voice. After a while I was also swaying to the music and swinging my arms around wildly to the beat.

What had, an hour before, seemed embarrassing and weird felt absolutely marvellous; a total emotional release. One minute I would be crying like a small child, the next laughing with abandon. I was shocked and delighted by how profoundly the session had affected me and left feeling I definitely wanted to come back for more.

Click here to read the whole article

—— Daily Mail Voicework by Beauty Guru 29 Sept 2008

Independent - Autumn 2008

Dr Feelgood: Can Singing Save your Soul?

The Independent's Dr Feelgood tried a 1-to-1 session with Nikki at Yogoloji, read about her experience by clicking here.

—— Independent, The New Review, Can Singing Save Your Soul by Dr Feelgood 28 Sept 2008

Guardian - Autumn 2008

Nikki Slade, who runs chanting and voice-work classes for everyone from City bankers to addicts at The Priory, believes that the benefits of singing are linked to the primacy and power of the human voice - and our basic instinct to use it. "People are naturally free and expressive," she says, "but it's something that has been lost on a day-to-day basis."

Click here for the full article

—— Guardian, Comment & Features , Keeping Body and Soul in Tune by Alice Wignall 26 Sept 2008

Whats on in London

Click here for the full article: Tried & Tested

—— Whats on in London, May 2006

Time Out (London)

"There are many reasons to remember the name 'Nikki Slade', [she is an] inspirational woman...

"I went complaining of not having enough fun and, after an hour of intelligent and sympathetic guidance (which in itself was enormous fun), I emerged feeling genuinely papmered and strong enough to begin the process of ousting my resident kill-joy. I'm definitely going back for more, to make sure that my gremlin doesn't take up residence again. Group sessions (in Teddington or Tuffnell Park) last two hours and are likely to leave you feeling great, but also wanting more - knowing that you are giving space to emotional baggage that you'd be glad to get rid of...

"This is better that a course of massages, a weekly facial or a subscription to the gym."

—— Time Out, December 2005
Article 'Chanting by Candlelight', by Sarah Kent.

Eve Magazine

"The deep breathing and ritual-like voice exercises helped me focus, and gave me confidence to assert my opinions. Now after each session I feel more communicative and settled. And my relationships with friends and family have become more open too."

——  Eve Magazine, December 2003
Article 'Something to believe in', by Alexandra Shakespeare.
Page 106 devoted to testimonial of Nikki's work by Annabel Davis

Life Magazine, The Observer

"The serene encouragement of our teacher compels me to get up and twirl, stomp, groan and yell like the best of them"

——  Life Magazine, The Observer, Sunday 11 February 2001
Exclusive article about Nikki's work entitled ‘Good Vibrations’ by Wendy Moore
[Click here for the full article]

Style Magazine, Sunday Times

"Soon, this will be a fundamental part of everyone's day, like drinking water"

——  Style Magazine, Sunday Times, 1 July 2001
Article ‘Perfect Pitch’. Informative article about the power of sound – extended paragraph on Nikki's work by Peta Bee
Click here for the full article - requires subscription

Daily Telegraph

"Not only did she help my voice as an actor, but she gave me confidence on a personal level. Nikki taught me to move away from the forced voice I used because I was desperately anxious to please, and to express myself without embarrassment. Gradually my confidence in my own voice grew."

——  Daily Telegraph, January 2001
An extensive article about finding your real voice, Nikki is one of three voice pioneers featured in this article.
‘Walk Tall, Speak Out’ by Barbara Lantin

Time Out (London)

"Apart from her wonderful voice, the best thing about Nikki Slade is her non-judgemental approach. How well you can sing is not an issue. This is teaching at its very best."

——  Time Out Magazine edition No. 1493, 31 March 1999
Free The Inner Voice. A rave write-up by Sarah Kent

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