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Voicework – Private Tuition

Private Tuition at Evolve

Have you recognized a particular issue that requires a more direct approach?

There is an alternative to group-work — Nikki offers Private Tuition for those who prefer. Nikki's 1-to-1 coaching has recently been recommended by Kindred Spirit and very favourably reviewed in The Independent and The Guardian, Vogue, Daily Mail and more . See the Press Coverage Section for more details. For testimonials of Nikki's tuition please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Private Coaching

Receive undivided attention from Nikki who will help you reach your personal goals through finding your vocal freedom and expressing yourself authentically. Voice coaching with Nikki is a powerful and life-transforming experience and is ideal for those who prefer to work individually.

Nikki Slade

Vibrational Fitness Training

This training is designed to keep you aligned and resonant with the dreams you wish to fulfil on throughout the year. It’s amazing how, as a nation, we all get that to keep physically fit, it is necessary to adopt consistent practice i.e. Going to the gym or attending a regular Yoga class, and yet, when it comes down to our inner fitness, we very often tend to take one Meditation retreat or two if we are lucky, in the year, and hope for the best. The good news is that this programme is an ongoing structure for your fulfillment for the whole year on a daily basis


What do I have to do next?

Book a 20 minute complimentary discovery session with Nikki over the phone to explore your very own bespoke programme. This session is also an opportunity for you to decide whether ongoing training is for you or not. Should you decide to go ahead, Nikki will create a programme especially suited for you to fulfill on your dreams and to accommodate your time schedule, you will then also receive your payment plan and cancellation policy.

Can I do single sessions only?

Nikki offers a complimentary discovery session over the phone to explore what you're looking for with potential ongoing training. Nikki's private work is a commitment of 4, 8 and 12 months.

Booking: Please contact Hanna by email or call 07932043277.

For more information on these training or any questions, please contact Nikki - or leave a message for Hanna on 07932 043 277

One to One sessions are held at Evolve(South Kensington), Shenshakti (Victoria) and Nikki is now offering sessions from Richmond again!


Evolve wellness centre

10 Kendrick Mews
London SW7 3HG

tel. +44 (0)20 7581 4090

For directions, click here

(Additional information available on request. Contact us )


Private Coaching for the General Public

In a private coaching session, Nikki creates an inspirational space in which you can explore the tools you need to connect with your inner power and manifest your goals. Nikki will fully support you in clearing the blockages from the past to transform your limiting beliefs into possibility and opportunity.

A private coaching session with Nikki will be designed around your specific goals and will include some chanting together with free sound and movement that powerfully addresses the resonances that prevent you from creating the life you would love to experience.

If you’re interested in private coaching, please contact the office who will arrange for Nikki to call you back.

(Additional information available on request. Contact us )

The Inner & Outer Makeover with Sue Kalicinska

The combination of sound and cosmetic acupuncture provides something extraordinary and unique. Sue and Nikki offer for the first time a fulfillment of inner and outer transformation in one glorious program.

Click for more details and the flyer.

The Full program includes 5 Acupuncture sessions and 3 Voice Sessions - £1900.

For enquiries and bookings call: 07768 322 795

Spikey shell

Private Coaching for Professional Performers

After a successful, early career in the theatre and music business, Nikki has developed a method of core Voicework that allows you to access the source of your creative performance. Through Nikki’s work you can develop an inner freedom that connects you to deep inner resonances that awaken powerful and authentic performance.

Nikki has shared this method in various drama schools including The Central School of Speech and Drama, The Guilford School of Acting and most recently, The London School of Musical Theatre.

A private coaching session with Nikki will be designed around your specific goals and will include some chanting, vocal improvisation and movement that will powerfully address the resonances that are blocking and limiting your creative expression.

If you’re interested in private coaching, please contact the office who will arrange for Nikki to call you back.

(Additional information available on request. Contact us )

Testimonials of Nikki's 1-to-1 coaching

“If you’re starting the year with the same resolution as last year, its time to do something different to make it happen!
I’d recommend a series of 121 sessions with Nikki Slade of “Free the Inner Voice”. Nikki has helped me to stop a 50 a day smoking habit AND to find romantic love in my life! So if you’re serious about changing your life this year, invest in yourself and your new year resolution, by booking in with Nikki today”

Marie-Claire Carlyle, The Miracle Coach

"After the last session with Nikki, where we focused the voice work on freeing my sore throat and weak vocals, I have experienced that for the first time after years I feel grounded and my voice comes from my belly rather than my throat. Not only my prolonged sore throat disappeared almost instantly, but I also felt dramatically more confident and present in interactions with others. A few days after the session with Nikki I ran two workshops and a presentation in one day. The audience as well as my colleagues commented on the power of my voice, composure and energy. Moreover, my throat remained clear unlike in many similar instances before when I'd lose my voice or get a sore throat."

Jan Polak - The Adventupreneur

"My sessions with you most certainly were of great benefit. It helped me be a much more relaxed individual - this has had a synergistic effect across all areas of my life. Being more relaxed has meant I work with less strain and effort resulting in much greater productivity at work and the ability to genuinely enjoy 'play' again.

All in all, I do more, by doing less and haven't felt this 'with it' since just before starting work."

Javid Rustam Partner of the St. James’s Place Partnership


If you’re interested in private coaching, please contact Nikki by email on or leave a message for Hanna, Nikki's PA on 07932 043 277.