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What is Free the Inner Voice ?

Free the Inner Voice connects us to the authentic wisdom voice that is our true self. Through the pressures of social conditioning and interactions with others we develop a personality that is often far removed from the true nature of our being and manifests as a critical and judgemental voice that limits the experience of ourselves and others.

By connecting with our true sound we release the social noise that binds us from within and, as old and redundant patterns of behaviour dissolve, a space is created from the inside that is our true identity. This is the experience of our own inner freedom and it is from this place that the inspiration for the whole of our lives arises. We become clearer in decision making; we allow our talents to manifest and shine and become ready to enter new depths of relationships with ourselves and those around us that are free from judgement and pain.

This process starts with the vital ingredient of the power of intention, for ‘in the beginning was the word and the word was sound’. As we declare our truth as our word, a resonance naturally flows from within that is unmistakably our true self. We are then automatically aligned with the movement of the Universe and our place within it.

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